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Navid Moazzez

Hi, I’m Navid

this review site is created by Navid Moazzez and Jan Koch.

We’re both members of the Internet Business Mastery Academy and that was also the place where we met for the first time.

As we’re both starting our internet businesses to create a lifestyle based upon freedom, fun and passive income, we have to accredit a decent part of our successes to the Internet Business Mastery Academy.

Jan Koch

Hi, I’m Jan

The creators of the Internet Business Mastery Academy are now coming up with a new product: the Freedom Business Blueprint.

The Freedom Business Blueprint will help you to find your core purpose – the activity you love doing most – and will enable you to build a business around it.

Basically you’ll be enabled to make money doing things you love.

We know, that this sounds like a scam promise – we were highly sceptical as well before joining the Internet Business Mastery Academy. But now we know better.

Jason van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen, the creators of the Internet Business Mastery Academy, really helped us to start following our passions and even earn money with it!

During our journey we learned, that having the right mindset is CRUCIAL. Do you know how it feels when you’re working on something that doesn’t make you happy? How do you feel when your boss get’s all the benefits from your work and pays you only a small amount of the money you’re earning for his business?

We were in exactly this situation. And we decided that we’d rather start our own business instead of hoping that we’ll be employed for the rest of our lives. The markets all over the world shrink, there is no real security that your boss won’t let you go in the near future. Is that called secure income? No, secure income is income, what you have full control about!

The Freedom Business Blueprint

And that’s where the Freedom Business Blueprint comes into play! As members of the Internet Business Mastery Academy we get exclusive access to the contents and we can assure you, that you’ll learn a LOT about finding the right mindset and building a business around your passions – just like we already did!

Starting our blogs and building businesses around things we’re truly passionate about is a great feeling. Though we’re both working parts of our times as employees, it’s only a matter of months when we make a full living with our internet businesses.

Due to the fact that we’re members of several training programs, interview the greatest entrepreneurs like Andrew Warner, Jun Loayza, Caleb Wojcik or Pat Flynn, and work with great mastermind groups enables us to grow our businesses rapidly fast and skip mistakes others already made.

We’ll keep you posted with exclusive insights coming right from the creators of the Freedom Business Blueprint!

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